Murder plot fabrications: Deputy President Mabuza’s accuser arrested

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Murder plot fabrications: Deputy President Mabuza’s accuser arrested
Murder plot fabrications: Deputy President Mabuza's accuser arrested

A suspect who caused a storm by alleging that Deputy President DD Mabuza was involved in an alleged conspiracy to murder a Mpumalanga businessman has been arrested.

The 31 year old woman, who masqueraded as the Deputy President’s niece, was arrested on Wednesday 13 March 2019, for alleged fraud, forgery and defeating the ends of justice. She is expected to appear at the Nelspruit Magistrates’ Court on 15 March 2019.

The Hawks launched investigations last year in November after the suspect made startling allegations in an affidavit that Deputy President Mabuza was, on 5 November 2018, conspiring to murder an ecotourism business person. The alleged incident is purported to have happened in the police precinct of Sandton, which resulted in the opening of a criminal docket at Sandton Police Station.

The investigation team needed to interview the complainant as the original statement was not recorded by the police. It became difficult to trace the complainant as those who interacted with her, were also unable to locate her. It later became common cause that the Deputy President was not in the country at the time of the alleged offence. It became clear that the statement may not be truthful but a possible fabrication, including her relationship with the Deputy President.

An investigation team followed all leads including consultation with other government departments for verification. Based on the information obtained through Section 205 of the Criminal Procedure Act of 1997 that compels custodians to provide the information, the real person whose details appeared in the affidavit was traced.

It is also worth to mention that, the investigators became aware of the identity of the suspect and kept an eye on her while embarking on a search of the real person whose details were used in fabricating the affidavit.

The investigation has also ascertained that huge amounts of money were paid to the deponent, co-incidentally, after deposing of the affidavit.

An identification parade was held today and the persons to whom the suspect made a report, who happens to be employed by a political party, positively identified her.

The suspect has further made a confession before the magistrate. She is currently in custody.

The investigation, which is a systematic search for the truth, is continuing. The motive for deposing of this false statement has not yet been determined.

The National Head of the DPCI, Lieutenant General Godfrey Lebeya has welcomed the arrest: “I would like to commend the team for staying focused under tremendous pressure to follow a particular course. Those that may have been uncomfortable with providing information will appreciate the help that came as a result of the information provided. I call upon the public to continue to provide the police with information that can help solve crime.”

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