MTN acts as Guardians of Morality and withdraws support to ‘Afrikaans is Groot’ over Steve Hofmeyer, but MTN part of corruption culture and cadre enrichment

Opinion by Unknown


It is no secret that MTN got its start in 1994 through a man like Koos Bekker. The M in MTN is the same M as in M-Net.

Bekker led initiatives for mainstream media to diversify investments because traditional print media was losing income, fast.

All 3 big media companies were part of Bekker’s initiatives.

Bekker started to swop Naspers’ holdings in MTN because he saw the future in the internet.

Control of MTN ended up with Cyril Ramaphosa and other ANC comrades.

I want to ask who appointed MTN as the guardians of morality?

MTN is controlled by Phuthuma F. Nhleko, Ramaphosa’s chosen successor and he and other crony capitalists have been taking out astronomical amounts of money from MTN in salaries and bonuses.

They have been accused of corruption in stealing Turkcell’s licence for a cell phone operator in Iran, where they see it fit to do business in a country ruled by hardline mullahs in an uncompromising terror sponsoring theocracy.

MTN has been amassing millions from stealing data from customers. So they are not only doing big corruption, they are petty thieves as well.

Ferial Haffajee has also tweeted that MTN and Multi Choice have sponsored tables for the EFF at their gala dinner. This is the same openly fascist EFF who have threatened whites with genocide and openly threatened journalists.

What is this obsession that liberals, black nationalists and their crony capitalist friends have with Steve Hofmeyer?

Is Steve a criminal?
Did he commit any crimes?
Can it even be proven that he is racist?

The answer to the above questions is of course no.

The only thing that Steve Hofmeyer has done is to speak up for his own people who have been systematically slaughtered since the great “rainbow nation” was created by the ANC in 1994 and which ushered in an era of industrial scale looting and wholesale destruction of everything that once worked.

It seems Steve is seen as an outcast – not because of any crimes that he has committed but because of political views – he openly said that this great multi-cultural experiment in South Africa did not work. Take note that Steve never did anything illegal. Freedom of expression is enshrined in the Constitution.

He is an outcast because he has a different political outlook than the prevailing narrative.

He is an outcast because he called for protection of the ethnic minority that he is part of.
He is an outcast because he questioned the prevailing narrative of the tyranny of the majority and the narrative driven by the international liberal alliance that no white person can speak up for his own culture or identity.

There are 2 main streams in the world today.

The one is those people who want a sense of identity and culture and the other main stream is driven by the international liberal alliance that wants a world devoid of any culture or identity and a world where borders must be broken down so white people can lose their majority in the countries where they are still majorities.

Interestingly, this open border policy is only meant for the Western World and only the Western World is targeted and earmarked by the likes of George Soros to have their borders declared null and void.

This same open border policy is not meant for Muslim countries, the Arab Word and Asian countries in general, maybe because Soros knows that they will never accept his ideologies. Some will just help Soros destroy the West, they won’t accept the same Soros doctrine for their own countries.

I call on all Afrikaans lovers, not just white Afrikaans lovers, let us still have “Afrikaans is Groot”, despite the fact that MTN has withdrawn their Black Monopoly Capital.

Why must we be dependent on them? Even though their political friends in the ANC and EFF control everything in this country – down to the last institution and the ability to make any law that affects our lives.

Let MTN stick their money where the sun don’t shine.

Let us go and sing our language.

Steve is one of us, he is one our recognised artists.

He is entitled to his freedom of political opinion and freedom of association enshrined in the Constitution.

Also visit the website of ToekomsVonk and see for yourself what plans they have to assist the Afrikaans community, also those left impoverished through BEE policies.

Steve helped to create ToekomsVonk.

If Black Monopoloy Capital wont do anything for us, let us do it for ourselves.

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