Another South African dies on a farm, Waterval-Boven

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Another South African dies on a farm, Waterval-Boven
Another South African dies on a farm, Waterval-Boven. Image source: Pixabay

The FF Plus hereby expresses its deepest condolences to the next of kin of David Wade who was killed on an adventure farm near Waterval-Boven in Mpumalanga. He tried valiantly to assist the security guards who were beaten and tied up. He was shot in the process and paid for his courageous actions with his life.

The FF Plus recently spoke out against the unacceptably high crime rate in Mpumalanga and it is a pity that the Mr Wade became part of that statistic as he tried to help prevent an attempted robbery on an adventure farm.

Mr Wade was a rock climber and came from Benoni where he lived and worked.

The FF Plus will continue to fight to force the government to act against crime in the province and elsewhere in the country and will assist the police in any way possible to arrest the culprits.

Any murder in our country is one murder too many.

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