Molefe’s R30 million is being investigated

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Molefe’s R30 million is being investigated
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The Public Protector (PP) has confirmed that an investigation will be conducted into Eskom’s decision earlier this year regarding a proposed payment of R30 million to Brian Molefe. Minister Lynne Brown refused to approve the payment.

The PP confirmed in a letter to the FF Plus that it was decided to investigate the matter after complaints similar to those of the FF Plus were received. A senior investigator was appointed to conduct the investigation.

FF Plus Adv. Anton Alberts said the decision is pleasing given the large-scale waste of money from the public utility provider, which is largely the reason that Eskom seeks to increase its rates by up to 58% in the foreseeable future.

He said it is also pleasing to see that there is still the willingness of the PP’s office to investigate irregularities involving state institutions.

In the FF Plus’s request to the PP during April this year Adv. Alberts asked that political involvement is investigated to the highest level and that those involved should be held personally accountable for their actions.

According to Adv. Alberts the decision to pay the money to Molefe was clearly unlawful, and it was not even clear whether it was a pension payment or a gold handshake as Molefe resigned as chief executive officer at Eskom after serving only eighteen months.

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