Mind capturers say good-bye

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

Mind capturers say good-bye
Con you here, con you there – Gupta scam artistry that let billions flow to Dubai

So, Bell Toiletpottinger from Britain has resigned from their contract as the Gupta white monopoly capital PR spin doctors.

Bell Toiletpottinger say there was a campaign against them and someone tried to drag their impeccable name and reputation through the mud.LOL.

What name? What reputation?
You are nothing. You are mere mercenary spin doctors, whether you were paid by George Bush to try and capture the minds of the world to support the invasion of Iraq – that did happen. Or whether an immigrant Indian family to South Africa, now based in Dubai, paid you to capture the minds of South Africans to believe in your invention, something that you thought out in your boardroom, called white monopoly capital, being the cause of all wrongs in South Africa.
You created that invention of yours, you set up paid Twitter, you infiltrated social media in SA with the express aim of stirring racial hatred in SA, to deflect from the horrendous crime of state capture and looting being committed by the Zuma and Gupta families.

You are sick and depraved to the core. You are corrupted in your souls to come from your island, with a tradition of democracy dating back centuries, and unleash your mind capturing campaign on a young democracy, only 20 odd years old. And that with the express aim of promoting the Guptas, who captured a corrupted to the bone President and with that captured a 105-year-old political party in one swoop, and in so doing became the de facto rulers of South Africa.

You Bell Toiletpottinger came to work for the 3 Gupta brothers, the brains of a corrupt cabal in charge in South Africa, a self-enriching cabal, supported by the trough eaters, rent seekers, opportunists, spineless yes men and buttock protectors.

The fact that you were caught out, pointed out and send packing back to your island, says a lot for this very young and fragile democracy.

Je Suis Uncaptured.

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland