Malema, Motshekga propose Swahili as common language in schools

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Julius Malema says the EFF would like the South African school system to offer language tuition in a language which could become the common language of all the people of Africa.

And apparently the Minister of Education, Angie Motshekga, agrees as she announced that Swahili will now also be offered at South African schools. The other three languages that will be made available are, obviously, Mandarin, German and French.

Now this is very awkward, because Afrikaans is regarded as language of colonialism. French and German not? Did they bother to ask how Tanzanians, Namibians, Algerians, Kongolese etc feel about this? Of course not. How the heck is Angie Motshekga and Julius Malema supposed to understand anything outside of their little thinking box of communist indoctrination?

How many African countries, do they think, will adopt Swahili as the only official language?

Not that it matters much to us. The only Swahili most people around here know is “Hakuna Matata” from Disney’s Lion King.

And in a certain sense the movie poster with it’s Swahili caption kind of reminds one of the political philosophies of a Malema and Motshekga…the two of them sitting there saying to each other: “Hakuna Matata…no worries,” while the country is falling apart around them.

White parents, Front National says to you: Make sure that you know what your child is being taught at school. Take control of their education where and if you can.

The people deciding on education policies in this country are very little different from Disney characters.

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