Maimane resignation speech boggles the mind

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Maimane resignation speech boggles the mind
Maimane resignation speech boggles the mind

It seems that the DA has finally split into two factions after months of tensions. In two incoherent resignation speeches in two days that rocked the party Herman Mashaba first resigned as a DA member and Johannesburg mayor and then DA leader Mmusi Maimane left many people baffled on Wednesday 23 October 2019, as he thrashed the DA as against transformation and deeming it as “not the vehicle best suited to take forward the vision of building One South Africa for All”. 

But he is still opting to remain a member of the party that he now so clearly disagrees with and is so unhappy in.
He baffled the mind also by deciding to still remain the Parliamentary leader of the party until the end of the year. That leaves one wondering why Maimane would still want to be part of a party that he had been thrashing for a while now.

Maimane accepted no personal responsibility for the decline of the DA in the last elections, neither did he admit that he made any mistakes. He admitted to no wrongdoing whatsoever. It was basically a “wasnt me” speech in which he painted himself as the victim, in typical South African style, of forever perpetuating black victimhood.

He did not admit to his clear bias against the white minority, allowing a situation where his party members like Luyolo Mpithi painted innocent Schweizer Reneke teacher Elana Barkhuizen as a racist. He also did not mention his warm embrace of an ANC member like Ashwin Willemse who threw a tantrum on live TV, accusing his two fellow white TV presenters of racism to hide his own embarrassing lack of preparation for his work as a so called rugby commentator.

In short he did not admit any blame in the creation of fake racism incidents designed to destroy innocent members of the white community which cost the DA many votes. Maimane also said that the DA could no longer be seen as a party for just minorities and that it had to become a black majority party in order to take on the ANC effectively.

“I have always only been driven by a vision to build a united, prosperous and reconciled South Africa where all citizens have a fair shot in life and where the colour of your skin does not determine your future prospects ” Maimane said on Wednesday in his resignation speech.

Sadly we did not see that Maimane practically lived this out as DA leader as being black became the determining factor in deciding which senior officials the DA would appoint in cities and municipalities it controlled after the 2016 elections. Race became the determining factor for the DA under Maimane, not merit.

On Sunday former cosmetics salesman Herman Mashaba transformed into a race merchant as he hammered on the racial narrative in his own resignation speech. It was an incoherent race rant as Mashaba basically blamed anyone and anything that is not “black like him ” for having to call it quits. Mashaba built up a cosmetics empire called “Black like me” during apartheid years and this entrepreneurial spirit actually was widely admired by white people before. The new race ranter Mashaba seemed to forget that he had a white partner in that business, a chemist who designed his creams.

Mashaba basically pulled a big fat stripe through all the beliefs he professed before like a free market economy . He seemed to have caught the EFF contagion of black nationalism with a new emphasis on ramping up already strict racial quotas, which is directly contradicting his previous stance of a free market that does imply by its nature that all South Africans of all races should have the equal opportunity for anyone to compete in such a free market and be selected for a position if he or she is the best person for the job, irrespective of race.

On Monday he said : “I cannot reconcile myself with a group of people who believe that race is irrelevant in the discussion of inequality and poverty in South Africa in 2019.”
Mashaba also said “Zille’s victory is a victory for people within the DA who are against the pro-poor, pro-black narrative and will ultimately seek to reverse the coalition agreements that have helped me govern the city.”
What is really at stake is that Mashaba was clearly reluctant to give up the arrangement with the EFF which is a vicious black fascist party.

So in short Mashaba resigned because of Helen Zille’s election as federal council chairman whilst he joined the DA when Zille was party leader in 2014, leaving one wonders what changed.

After Mashaba’s race rant, Mmusi Maimane also, once again, showed his true colours to his party, the white population and the country by calling Mashaba a hero, a man who just thrashed his own party, the same party that Maimane is the leader of.


The developments since Monday does seem like the DA will split right down the middle and that Maimane and Mashaba will lead a bunch of emboldened anti white, or at the very least, highly biased black nationalist DA members out of the party accompanied by some white hangers-on.

The traditional minority voters of the DA are bound to stay with the party whilst the black nationalist break-away is likely to seek an alliance with the EFF.

It would seem that a perpetual narrative of black victimhood, even after 25 years of black rule and strict racial rules designed to lock out the white minority from the job market and the economy – and the collective South African failure to change this narrative, coupled with the weak leadership of Maimane, will lead to the end of a historical opportunity the DA once had to build a true multi racial party built on equal opportunities for all.

Will the DA that once stood for this ideal ever re-emerge?

It would seem that the DA just committed political suicide because chasing black votes became so important that some in the party were willing to throw all principles overboard in the mad chase to rule.

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