Luday van der Merwe – Trial for 2 black gunmen charged with attempted murder

Trial for 2 black gunmen from Zimbabwe whose bullets turned Afrikaner youth Luday van der Merwe, 17 into a paraplegic. Luday van der Merwe, paralysed for life by a gunman’s bullet on New Year’s eve 2012, once again saw the two black male accused gunmen whose bullet penetrated his spine and turned him into a paraplegic – and said he wanted to grab them both by the throat.

‘Not one of them could look me in the eyes,’ he reportedly said after the brief court appearance of Petrus Jamari Moyo 26 and Changeman Mathare 27 both of Zimbabwe..
Each time Luday, an important witness, enters and leaves the Brits Magistrate’s Court he has to be carried by benefactors because there is no elevator.

After the senseless May 5 2014 court appearance, which was postponed for no known reason for a third time, the investigating officer, SAPS warrant/officer Moses Bushy Mmatli, carried Luday downstairs.



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