Malema – white hobos have hot water

Malema – white hobos have hot water
Malema the Kingpin in coalition deals

On an election trail in Limpopo Malema told his followers that democracy was at work in South Africa. Malema said that seeing white hobos proved that the democracy was working. As usual, Malema entertained the massive crowd when he recounted a conversation he had with a homeless white man in Polokwane.

Malema said he was jubilant when the homeless white man asked him for a hundred rand. He said democracy is at work here if white people ask for money. Malema went on to say that even if white people are hobos, they never forget that they are white. He said, the white people never compromise on their standards, and do not take anything less than what they think they deserve.

A serious Malema continued and said, “ you got a house, but your house is not anywhere close to where the white hobo is going to sleep. You are not a hobo, but you do not have water.” Malema went on to say “a white hobo says to me, there is where we sleep, there is warm water, but you do not have water. A white hobo will never sleep where there is no hot water; you are sleeping where there is no water at all.”

Malema is on the campaign trail ahead of the local government elections and continues to expand on the theme of calling for a dignified life for all black people. Malema wants free electricity and water for the poor among other essentials. Malema believes that the poor do not deserve less. Black is beautiful and not a curse, Malema told the crowd. Malema said that the people who died for freedom have continued to suffer after the end of apartheid and reminded the followers that they have the power to change the situation.

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