Gruesome rape of woman on school grounds

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Gruesome rape of woman on school grounds
Johan Engelbrecht and his wife Bonita. Photo: Die Pos

The maintenance manager of Settlers Agricultural High School who looks after the school grounds aims to sue the school, the education department, and the security company, after his wife was brutally raped on February 16 while in her home on the school grounds.

Johan Engelbrecht and his wife, Bonita, have for the past ten years being living at the school where he does maintenance work and she is a housewife. They gave permission to Die Pos that her name may be published.

Johan said his wife was alone at home while he was in Polokwane on that fateful day, to service his vehicle.

Bonita an avid baker, decided to go to bed early that day and spoke to Johan on the phone. She said all the windows in the house and the doors were closed before she went to sleep.

“I woke up when I was grabbed at the feet. They hit me and tied me up with tape,” she said. The incident occurred between 20:00 and 21:00.

She was allegedly hit with a hard object on the head, cut with a sharp object in the chest, and brutally raped. According to police she was also raped with household objects. It is unclear how many suspects were involved.

The burglars threw her phone one side and trampled her flashlight. They also apparently had a message for her husband and said to her: This is a message for Mr. Engelbrecht. He must f *** off from Settlers.

The burglars left her tied up in the room.

After it became silent, she managed to find her phone and called for help.

Sanet de Lange, a family member, was first on the scene.

De Lange told Die Pos that she had asked a security guard to accompany her to the house, but he apparently does not have a flashlight or weapon with him at all. The two found Bonita tied up in the bedroom and untied her.

The police and their forensic unit and APA ambulance services were called.

It was later discovered that the burglars broke open a back door and thus gained access to the house. They apparently climbed through the school fence and enter the site.

APA ambulance services took Bonita to Warmbaths Hospital for treatment and tests. She is currently receiving regular medical treatment and counseling.

According to the couple, this was not the first time that they have been targeted. Johan told Die Pos that a while back, a brick was thrown into one of their windows with a message “your dog and your wife is not safe.”

The couple believes they are being intimidated and targeted. They are not going to move away from the school and are busy taking steps to enhance security at their home. According to Bonita, it helps her “to stay busy”.

Johan said he plans legal action because their safety is at stake.

“My heart is broken after what happened. We want people to know what is really going on at this school. “According to Johan, the school has offered little assistance.

Die Pos approached Dr. Naledzani Rasila, spokesman for the provincial department of education, on the matter. Shortly before he hung up, he said: “the persons concerned should contact the police and take the matter further with the education department’s regional office”.

A case of housebreaking and rape are being investigated. WO. John Shitlhane, head of the Bela-Bela police unit for violence, child protection, and sexual offenses, said that the investigation continues and if someone has information about the incident, they can call him at telephone. 071 355 0566 or his office at tel. (014) 736 9759. The police can also be contacted at tel. (014) 736 9760/1.

The school has for some time now being in the media because of rumors of degradation and crime.

Chris Mabunda the principal was suspended last year pending an investigation. There are also allegations of irregularities in the school’s governing body.

The morning of Die Pos visit to the school, the staff together with representatives of the National Education Health and Allied Workers’ Union (Nehawu) were at the school’s gates protesting about allowances.

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