Lesufi has a vengeance against apartheid, Afrikaners

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Lesufi has a vengeance against apartheid, Afrikaners
Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi. Photo: fourwaysreview.co.za

Civil rights organisation AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel said Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi held a deep vengeance against the apartheid government and was retaliating against Afrikaans people.

Kriel and Lesufi were taking part in a debate on the preservation of Afrikaans in schools which was held at the Motsu Park Hall in Tembisa, Johannesburg, on Thursday.

The debate followed a disagreement on Twitter in the wake of a Constitutional Court ruling in favour of the Gauteng Education Department in the contested issue of school admissions regulations, which ruled that children from outside a school’s traditional catchment area could not summarily be turned away.

During the debate, Kriel said that he did not find it funny that teachers aligned to the South African Democratic Teachers Union were not in front of their pupils for more than three hours a day.

He blamed the organisation for the poor state of education in the country and said that Lesufi was using the Afrikaans community as a scapegoat.

Kriel said Lesufi was, in fact, the barrier to quality education if he was intent on focusing on the wrong target.

“The real enemy is not Afrikaans,” Kriel said.

Kriel went on to say that the MEC was complaining about township schools not being given the chance to compete in sports activities, yet those schools did not have the requisite facilities or sporting programmes.

“In many black schools there isn’t any sport for them to be able to compete with Afrikaans schools,” he said.

“What happened in 1976 was unfortunate but don’t make the same mistake. A new struggle would start for Afrikaans schools.”

In 1976, black students rose up in protest against the forced introduction of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction, sparking one of the bloodiest periods in apartheid-era South Africa.

Earlier, Lesufi said that in 1982, the apartheid government had spent R146 on the education of a black child and R1,270 on that of a white child.

“When schools were built in white areas they had better schools and black schools weren’t catered for. You might have oppressed our grandparents and our parents, but not us.”

Lesufi accused the Afrikaner community of wanting to defend their territory, and not just education.

“You are defending your territory. Do Afrikaans schools play rugby with non-Afrikaans schools? No.

“Afrikaans schools exclude themselves and have privatised school sports to themselves. Make all these facilities open for all of us,” he said.

He said that every school had the right to have a single medium of education, but was against schools where children of a single race interacted on their own.

“98% of these schools have whites only. If I was malicious I would audit all those schools and dismantle them with just a signature.”

Lesufi said that he hated that Afrikaans schools did not promote the learning of the history of the country.

“They don’t even teach their children about the history of the country. Is it a sin to allow a black school that doesn’t have a sports field to allow them to use the facilities?”

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