Leftist, liberal, Marxists lose out in Brazil

Opinion by Front National SA

That face you make when the last vote is counted and it is clear that the majority of your electorate says: “Yes please, Senhor, get rid of those leftist, liberal, Marxist, degenerate scum in our society!”

Pres Donald Trump was the first world leader to congratulate Jair Bolsonaro on his election as the new president of Brazil just after 9 last night, 28 October 2018. Bolsonaro defeated the leftist, socialist Haddad with a majority of almost 56% of the vote.

We have no confirmation yet whether our own frog boiling Marxist had the decency to congratulate president elect Bolsonaro yet, but Front National SA says to the Brazilian people: “Well done! The first nation of the South to respond to the worldwide disease of liberalism. We hope the rest will follow!”

All the best of luck to the new president and his government.

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