Land Expropriation Without Compensation

Julius Malema has confirmed that he is considering voting with the ANC to change the Constitution of South Africa. He has pledged to give the ANC, which got over 62% of the vote, the two-thirds it requires to change the Constitution in Parliament to introduce radical policies such as land expropriation without compensation.

Like the American conservatives, the ANC leaders have complained of unelected “activist judges” who have the power to overrule elected representatives and declare legislation unconstitutional. With a two-thirds majority the ANC can amend the constitution to give it unbridled power to pass such legislation.

But the need for two-thirds goes beyond that. President Zuma has corruption charges hanging over his head. Yes, they were withdrawn by the new prosecution authority, appointed by him after the prosecutors who were proceeding with the charges were fired. But now a number of civil society organisations are fighting for their reinstatement, and the introduction of new ones emanating from the Nkandla scandal, where taxpayers’ money was used to make improvements on Zuma’s private estate. This movement will surely gain momentum after his second term of office is over. A two-thirds majority would enable the ANC to amend the constitution to give ex-presidents immunity from prosecution.



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