Stranded N2 Motorist Robbed at Gunpoint

Stranded N2 Motorist Robbed at Gunpoint

A motorist stranded on N2 south near Umlazi, was in the process of changing a tyre when an undisclosed number of suspects approached him pretending to be helpful motorists.

The suspects produced a firearm and proceeded to rob him before jumping into their getaway vehicle and speeding off towards Umlazi. The driver flagged down a SAPS vehicle which came to his aid minutes later. Shortly thereafter, SAPS went in search of the suspects.

At that point, one of our Blue Security area managers spotted the victim’s car from the opposite side of the freeway, parked suspiciously near a dense bush. He raced to the nearest off-ramp and made a u-turn, stopping at the side of the freeway where the driver informed him of what just happened.

Our area manager radioed for backup as that part of the freeway is notorious for robberies and hijackings. Additional responders from Blue Security Tactical, Blue Security CCPO, and Tracker SA arrived on the scene. Responders assisted the victim in starting his vehicle before guiding the shaken motorist to safety.

Motorists are cautioned to ensure that their vehicle maintenance is up to date. Regularly checking your tyres and ensuring your vehicle is well-maintained will decrease the likelihood of having to stop your vehicle, which leaves you vulnerable to hijackings

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