Stepfather ‘sex pest’ arrested, Verulam

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Stepfather ‘sex pest’ arrested, Verulam
Stepfather 'sex pest' arrested, Verulam. Photo: RUSA

A 44 year old man was arrested by members of Reaction Unit South Africa for sexually assaulting his 22 year old stepdaughter at her home in the Chubbies Garage area in Verulam this morning on Tuesday 25 September 2018.

Reaction Officers were called out to the home after the suspect fled the property in his Renault Sandero. On arrival it was established that the Pakistani national was living in an outbuilding on the property since he and his wife had separated.

At approximately 04:00 he entered the main building under the pretext of using the toilet. He then entered his stepdaughter’s room while she was asleep and put his hand in her pants. He began to fondle her when she woke up and started screaming for help. The suspect then fled.

Reaction Officers conducted an extensive search for the suspect and found him asleep in his vehicle at a service station on Inanda Road in Verulam. Officers kept observation over the vehicle before they approached the man and placed him under arrest.

According to the victim the suspect had also sexually assaulted her when she was 5 years old. She informed her mother of the incident however no charges were laid against her stepfather. Her older sister also complained that he had tried to force himself onto her while she was in high school.

Their mother confirmed that both girls had complained to her regarding their stepfather’s actions. She failed to report the incidents to authorities because she feared for her safety due to her husband being extremely violent.

The suspect arrived in South Africa 18 years ago from Punjab in Pakistan. Two years after his arrival into the country he met the widow and married her. They then had a son who is now 12 years old.

He is currently detained at the Verulam SAPS and a case of sexual assault has been registered against him.

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