Infamous drug dealer arrested, Isipingo

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Infamous drug dealer arrested, Isipingo
Infamous drug dealer arrested, Isipingo Photo : Alpha Alarms

Another joint operation between members of the Isipingo Beach CPF, Outer South Cluster Task Team, Isipingo SAPS and Alpha Alarms resulted in an arrest of an alleged infamous drug dealer in Isipingo Beach on the night of 21 July 2017.

The alleged dealer was nabbed with 84 pieces of rock found in his possession and approximately R4,000 in cash which was seized and handed over to the SAPS.

The dealer has now been arrested and charged for the second time in 3 months, following a previous joint operation between the Isipingo Beach CPF and law enforcement agencies.

The hearing for the previous arrest had been scheduled to take place on Monday, 24th July. This second arrest will hopefully result in a lengthy and severe sentence behind bars.

Isipingo Beach CPF members have taken a strong stance against crime and other illegal activities in the area including drunk driving, unlicensed driving, illegal dumping, drug dealing and abuse.

If anyone has any information regarding drugs trafficking or abuse please contact the CPF.

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