Discrimination and racism in SA: ‘Black Only’ car auction, Durban

Opinion by Front National SA

Discrimination and racism in SA: 'Black Only' car auction, Durban
Discrimination and racism in SA: 'Black Only' car auction, Durban

A recent “black only” car auction have once again highlighted the clear discrimination and racism towards minorities in South Africa.

A recent car auction held by the Ethekwini Municipality angered the residents in Durban. Municipal vehicles were auctioned off, but ONLY BLACKS, at the exclusion of Indians, coloureds and whites, were allowed to attend and buy at the auction. This was done under the auspice to “empower” township blacks. The irony is that the group that contributes the least to the fiscus of Ethekwini, are advantaged the most and the groups that pay the most taxes, are completely excluded.

You would think that after 25 years of BBBEE, forced quotas and 116 other race based laws and legislation, the blacks of South Africa had enough time to be empowered. But based on recent developments in South Africa, these kind of events just illustrates that we are just at the beginning of an all out attack on minorities in South Africa.

In recent times, both the EFF and ANC youth league took a dip at the Indian community and labeled them as more racist than whites. In fact, the ANC youth league went as far as to say that Indians are not welcome anymore in KZN. Land grabs of Indian property in KZN is happening almost daily. The attacks by blacks on the Coloured community in the Western Cape has recently been in the news.

For a time, most attacks were focused on whites, but in recent times, more and more attacks on other minorities, Indians and Coloureds, are on the increase.

It is time that ALL minorities realize that the black majority has no intention to embrace this so called rainbow nation. They are in the middle of a black tornado that want to suck up everything.

We encourage all minorities in SA to follow the example of Front Nasionaal and also demand self determination based on their own culture and ethnicity. Without that, their own culture and way of life will be completely destroyed.

Now is the time time act decisively and vote for self-determination.

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