CCTV captures terrifying encounter with armed robbers

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CCTV captures terrifying encounter with armed robbers
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WATCH: CCTV captures terrifying encounter with armed robbers
Empangeni man rushes to his wife’s aid, only to find himself face to face with a loaded gun
2 hours ago

IN a single, terrifying moment an Empangeni mother realised that she was seeing four men breaking into her home in broad daylight on Tuesday morning.

The woman, who chose not to be identified, was alone with her children at their Grantham Park home at around 8am when she saw movement on the monitor of her CCTV system.

To her shock and horror, four men had scaled a neighbouring wall and were busy, masked and gloved, attempting to obscure the camera views so their movements would not be captured.

Panic stricken, she called her husband who had left for work earlier in the morning.

He immediately contacted Nite Owl Security with whom he is contracted and together with a colleague, rushed to his wife’s aid.

Little did he know that he would come face to face with a loaded gun.
The husband arrived at the gate while the robbers were still skulking around his home, but was forced to back off when threatened.

The same CCTV cameras the robbers attempted to disable managed to capture the horrifying moment the suspect pointed the gun at him as he rounded the side of his home.

The robbers scarpered, jumping over a wall and disappearing into the greenbelts.

‘We immediately mobilized when we received his call,’ said Mark Joseph, owner of Nite Owl.

‘I managed to set up a cordon area relatively quickly and liaised with Empangeni SAPS who also responded extremely fast.

Twenty minutes after the ordeal began, one of the suspects was in custody.

‘Community members also pointed out where he had thrown his firearm, and it was recovered.’
Unfortunately, the other three robbers managed to evade police and Nite Owl officers.

Police are now working to gather the evidence needed to take the suspect to court and believe he and his accomplices could be linked to a number of incidents in the area.

The hunt for the remaining three suspects continues.

‘Nite Owl would like to thank the police officers involved for their quick and professional response,’ said Joseph.

‘We are all very grateful that our client, who unwittingly came face to face with four armed men, and his family escaped unharmed.’

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