New plant based food range launched by in2food group

New plant based food range launched by in2food group
New plant based food range launched by in2food group

Well known for their innovation and manufacturing expertise in the South African food industry, the in2food group has launched another brand. The food producer has launched smul, a range of nutritious, and convenient products that are designed to cater for any moment in a person’s day. smul keeps ingredients simple; utilising whole grains, seeds and nuts while avoiding refined sugars as far as possible.

smul aims to solve the challenges people face in maintaining healthy eating habits between the hustle and bustle of modern life. That’s why this range is designed to make nutritious eating easy, convenient, and most importantly, enjoyable. The smul range includes 5 variants of protein powder, snacks such as protein bars (3 flavours), whole grain and protein granolas (5 flavours), and rice cakes, all developed with unique flavour profiles.

Furthermore, smul will soon be launching a ready to heat, shelf stable meal range, that features Lentil Ragu, Chilli ‘non’ Carne and Tikka Masala, as well as a multigrain oatmeal. These meals go through a Retort process which is used to ensure maximum freshness without the need for preservatives. The result is tasty ‘take anywhere’ meals with a 12-month shelf life – no fridge needed.

With all of the smul products, the key product attributes are highlighted on the front of the packs, allowing consumers to select the right product to suit their needs, through easy access to the information that counts.

Leveraging the popularity of ecommerce, smul will be retailed via with ambitious plans for global expansion. The products and packaging have been developed to meet the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, with the U.S. debut planned for June 2024, via the Summer Fancy Food trade show in New York. Europe will follow, with smul being presented at the SIAL trade show in Paris in October this year.

“We are passionate about health and wellness in our business. smul is the culmination of three years of intense product development, with some products having gone through multiple versions to fine tune and find the perfect balance between the flavours and nutritional packs we believe our consumers deserve’” said Eric Labuschagne, Managing Executive, smul. “It’s special for us to finally be here and hold a product that’s great for your body and tastes amazing too,” he added.

Going beyond just a health food brand, the plant-based alternatives are designed to help empower consumers to make choices that are not only good for their health, but also for the planet. The smul non-profit foundation will channel 1% of all product revenue to social and environmental initiatives and be open to the public to apply for funding to affect the change they want to see in the world. The foundation will be independently managed and audited; and prioritise social good and education around nutrition and nutrition relief.

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