Battle with South African Police Leaves Two Dead

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Battle with South African Police Leaves Two Dead
Battle with South African Police Leaves Two Dead

The quick and responsive action of the South African Police flying squad left two dangerous and armed criminals dead and one in a critical condition. On June 1, 2016, a Mercedes was hijacked in Wentworth Durban.

The three suspects who were all armed sped away, and the diligent observing flying squad vehicle who were patrolling nearby noticed the tense and reckless driving. A high-speed chase ensued. The suspects started shooting at the police car and the members returned fire, causing the Mercedes driver to lose control. The car crashed, and it was reported that two of the suspects died while the third remains in a critical condition. The South African police seized three unlicensed firearms.

It was fortunate that the police was nearby and prevented further crimes from occurring. The suspects had unlicensed firearms and were on a lawbreaking mission, with no thought of innocent people. Well done to the police for confiscating the weapons and ridding South Africa of another few criminals.

It is a known fact that the crime rate is extremely high in South Africa, although the government downplays the statistics. There is a crime war in South Africa, and it is the fearless contribution of the South African police that renders a small comfort to innocent people.

According to Crime Stats South Africa, there were 12773 motor vehicles hi-jacked in 2015. Gauteng is rated as the worst province, followed by KwaZulu-Natal for motor vehicles hi-jacked. The total reflects motor vehicles only and does not include trucks. It would mean that 1000 vehicles a month are hi-jacked in and around South Africa. Unfortunately, this figure showed an increase in vehicles hi-jacked, whereas 2014 there were only 11129 cases reported. Crime is on the rise, and the South African police have a difficult task to control escalating crime in the country.

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