Alert Farningham Ridge Resident Reverses out of Hijacking Situation

Alert Farningham Ridge Resident Reverses out of Hijacking Situation

Two Durban residents were fortunate to avoid becoming victims of crime in two separate incidents this weekend.

“A motorist in Farningham Ridge was able to fend off a possible hijacking situation on Friday morning, just before 7am,” said Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios. “CCTV footage of the incident showed one suspect attempt to open the back door of the vehicle,” Mathios said. “The motorist reacted swiftly by reversing quickly and getting away from the dangerous situation,” he said. “The suspects fled the scene in a black Toyota Atios,” he said.

“In a separate incident in Mount Vernon on Sunday night a resident was able to prevent an armed robbery from occurring when two suspects attempted to enter his home,” he said. “The resident defended his home when the two suspects, one of whom was carrying a firearm, tried to force their way into the house just before 8.30pm,” he said.

“A struggle ensued when the resident reacted by pushing against the door trapping one of the suspects’ foot in the gap between the door and the doorpost in the process,” he said. “The suspects eventually gave up and fled in a white bakkie. The homeowner suffered no injuries and nothing was stolen from the house. The only damage was to the front door, which occurred during the struggle,” he said. SAPS Bellair attended the scene and investigations are continuing.

“Being alert to potential criminal activity, having quick reactions and behaving defensively is very much dependent on each individual incident,” Mathios said. “Anti-hijacking and defensive driving courses are invaluable for motorists in South Africa, especially as hijacking incidents are so prevalent,” he said. “Avoidance of potential hijacking situations can be possible by keeping doors and windows locked, trying not to drive at night or early in the morning, changing routine of leaving and arriving home or work and always be alert to suspicious situations or individuals,” he said.

“Increase your safety awareness by reading up on the numerous do’s and don’ts of what to do in any potentially dangerous situation,” he said. “However, if a quick defensive reaction is not possible then try to be calm, observant of suspects’ details (without making eye contact) and obey the hijackers’ instructions,” he said.

“The same can apply at home. Increase security, be sure to have the exterior of the property well-lit, have panic buttons easily accessible, be well-connected to one’s security provider, request extra patrols should circumstances need it, have a plan of action if there is criminal activity suspected and always be aware of suspicious individuals or situations and act immediately,” he said.

“Criminals never take a break and are either planning their next move or looking for opportunistic situations where they can strike. As citizens, we must be constantly alert and aware and respond immediately,” he said.

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