61 year old attacked for going to work during protests -VIDEO

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61 year old attacked for going to work during protests -VIDEO
61 year old attacked for going to work during protests -VIDEO

There have been some severe protests, riots, and strikes in South Africa and people are intimidated. Individuals who want to go to work, mind their own business and earn a few pennies to put bread on the table. These people avoid the troublesome areas, take different routes to get to work merely because they need the money to survive. However, the troublemakers, the protestors, the hooligans, the uncivilized idiots will attack, or kill a person if they go to work when strikes or protests are happening.

These demonstrators have no mercy or consideration for people who do not want to be part of troublesome protests. People are living in fear, not only from the government but the mobsters who make life a living hell for most.

In this video, a 61-year-old man was on his way to work, during the recent Durban protests, and was attacked by the hooligans with an iron rod. The man fell and was unable to move, left to die. Pedestrians walked passed the assaulted man and did not bother to stop and help. Perhaps the people passing by did not want to become involved for fear of retribution. It is not known if the man died or if any assistance was forthcoming. However, it is indeed a sad story and a typical South African story.

In a previously published article “South Africa is a real dump” the police had to escort garbage trucks out of townships for fear of vandalism and attacks. Read the article, and you decide why people live in fear.

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