Investigate Zuma’s financial affairs first

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Investigate Zuma’s financial affairs first
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The supposed FICA law was signed by Jacob Zuma last week, although the effective date is not yet known and must first be announced in the Government Gazette.

Under the new law, banks must investigate politicians and other senior officials’ money matters if there is doubt about the source of their wealth. Criticism has already been voiced on the law in that it makes banks prosecutors and judges.

Nevertheless, the FF Plus expressed its satisfaction with the signing of the bill and asked that Zuma’s finances should be investigated first. “The signing is not good news for Zuma and his friends who are part of the state capture. It is clear that Zuma has done everything in his power to delay the signing as long as possible and once again is threatened by a court application,” said FF+’s leader, Dr. Pieter Groenewald.

“The Freedom Front Plus welcomes the signing and states that all cabinet members finances should also be investigated so that taxpayers can be given assurance,” said Dr. Groenewald.

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