Idiotic racial bias against the heritage of Europeans in South Africa

Idiotic racial bias against the heritage of Europeans in South Africa

The latest example of misguided and idiotic racial bias against the heritage of Europeans in South-Africa comes from a certain Khulezweni Sbu Shwala, a B-degree student in law at the University of Zululand. He is apparently also a Political Commisar for the Young Communist League of SA – the youth wing of the SACP. Front Nasionaal Suid-Afrika took note of this.


I find it mindboggling to this day that the most outspoken specimens of warmongers and racist hatespeech screamers come from the post-apartheid age group. The ones who has the right to vote, who has no barrier to education and opportunity any more, the ones who have little to complain about, yet does it in deafening chorus. In short, the ones who are utterly incapable of reasoning out anything for themselves or of taking command of their lives and their future and their destiny, rather lolling self-pityingly in their own incapability of keeping up with the world they live in. Is it a problem with the gap between western existence and mystical African culture, or is a lot easier than that to understand? Why would one suspect that plain laziness plays a role as well?

I think it might be a combination of both. Western custom teaches us individualism and responsibility – you work for what you want. Khulezweni and his mates are angry about that. Western civilisation brought an end to lying in the sun in winter and in the shade in summer, drinking homebrew, smoking dope and watching the women tend to the crops and the piccanins herd the flock all day. And because that is not an existence providing a black BMW, Samsung S4 and fake Nike sneakers, the exponent of Western civilisation (the white man) must GIVE it to them. They don’t ask, they demand, and if the answer is “No”, they start throwing poo or sets something ablaze.

Poor sod. It must be truly challenging to live with so many complications in his existence.

Three of the statements in his post warrant a response, however:

  1. ”…Obliterate legacies of imperialism and apartheid….”Why would you not let go of the past and start working on your future? What on God’s great earth did a statue of Cecil John Rhodes or Paul Kruger do to you? Why is it your custom to destroy and break down and pretend that an issue stops being an issue when you can’t see it any more? Above all, how do you justify breaking down CJR as symbol of imperialism, but you want to erect a statue to the murderous barbarian, Shaka, who committed a genocide of smaller tribes in order to force them into a Zulu Empire? Why, indeed, Khulezweni, is the concept of “double standards” so high above the reach of the black man?
  2. “…Transform SA into a non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous country…we need to do away with the remnants of apartheid and imperialism.”
    You should forget that argument sooner rather than later. South Africa can never be a non-racial and non-sexist country before the black man does not change his ways.As long as African women wear blonde wigs and imitate white women, while white people are being prosecuted for dressing as blacks at costume parties, there can never be racial equality.There will be no non-sexist society as long as your custom of “lobola” is tolerated, where a wife is traded for cattle or money, thereby being nothing more than a sales item. Not as long as young boys have to go to the mountains to be circumcised by unqualified witchdoctors often resulting in death – all just for them to be recognised as men.Nor do we need to do away with buildings and statues to turn this into a prosperous country, what we need to do away with is corrupt government, unqualified people in the labour industry and in short, the entire lie of the New South Africa. It started off poor, it is now bankrupt.
  3. “…deal with inequalities. South African is the country with the most unequal society in the world and the gap between the have and the have-nots widens on a daily basis”You are certainly right. The morally despicable and politically unjustifiable policies of Affirmative Action and BBBEE is the root cause of this, keeping qualified and capable people out of the economy because they are not black. Let us deal with inequalities. Let us scrap these policies and let us obliterate racist institutions such as the Black Management Forum for Young Professionals or the Black Lawyers Association. According to law we are not allowed to have such forums for White managers or White Lawyers, so who the hell are you to speak of inequalities?And the gap between to have and to have-not? Might I ask who, apart from the black South African, ever benefitted in being given farms under land reform acts or were handed RDP houses for free?

Admit to the truth, young man, for that will set you free: South Africa is a failure because you are too stubborn to admit that you are too lazy to earn your existence and too ignorant to be taught the skills of governing a country. The end result is: We will all go down, and you will never be able to convince any person with basic common sense that Cecil John Rhodes ate all the mealie pap and Paul Kruger closed down Eskom, the SAA and the Post Office.

The original post by Khulezweni Sbu Shwala

Provincial Political Commissar at South African Students Congress. Studied Bachelor of laws at universtity of Zululand

Yesterday at 12:47 • Empangeni . Political Commission Statement
On ‪#‎RhodesMustFall‬
The YCLSA supports the #RhodesMustFall campaigning at the University Cape Town and the subsequent call for the name change of Rhodes University. We need as a matter of urgency to obliterate all the legacies of imperialism and apartheid that are still in existence in our country. If we are to transform South Africa into a non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous country as set out in the National Democratic Revolution [NDR] we need to do away with all the remnants of apartheid and imperialism.
The other remnants of the oppressive apartheid regime that are still in existence that must be done away with including statues, street names and name of buildings. Over and above the statures we still need to deal with the inequalities that exist in our country. South African is the country with the most unequal society in the world and the gap between the have and the have-nots widens on a daily basis.

Daniel Lötter Dept Information
Front National South Africa

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