How many South African police officers are involved in violent or serious crime?

How many South African police officers are involved in violent or serious crime?
How many South African police officers are involved in violent or serious crime?

With numerous and regular reports in the media of South African Police officers who have been arrested for serious and or violent crime the question has to be asked, how many members of the police force, who are mandated to protect and serve, are actually perpetrating serious atrocities? And with the extreme corruption in all government departments, including the SAPS, how many are not being apprehended?

Continual complaints from all sectors regarding the inefficiency of the SAPS and the huge number of illiterate, uneducated, incompetent and useless salary earners just fall on deaf ears. Whilst efforts are, in some cases, being made to rid the force of criminality, one has to marvel at the gross negligence and apathetic approach of government to this problem. Clearly there no set standard of entry level into this ‘profession’, is it just another free hand out to ANC carders, at the taxpayers and South African citizens expense?

Recently there have been reports of police officers involved in cash in transit heists, kidnapping and serious assault, bribery, corruption, extortion, armed robberies and other serious criminal activity. How safe are the citizens of South Africa and is the government serious about fighting crime?

The FF Plus commented on 3 June 2019, “Crime has been out of control for a long time in South Africa and loud alarm bells are ringing about the government’s inability to protect the public. If crime is not curbed right now, then anarchy is surely inevitable and the FF Plus is urgently calling on the government to stop ignoring the warning signs”.

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