Hijackings your life is worth more than your vehicle

Hijackings your life is worth more than your vehicle
Hijacker gets hit by car in South Africa.

South African motorists are the prey of hijackers who have an element of surprise, and this is a concern. It is reported that up to 35 vehicles a day are hijacked in South Africa. Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal have the highest reports of hijackings in South Africa. Fridays are regarded as the worst day for hijackers to target victims and weekends tend to be safer. Criminals seem to check stock and place orders for vehicles during this time. By Tuesday, the hijackings of vehicles become intense and proceed until the weekend. The time frame for hijackings are increased between 17h00 until 20h00 and early hours of the morning is the lowest point for hijackers to operate.

There is a lucrative trade in stolen firearms, and the circulation of stolen weapons is disturbing. Firearms used in hijackings are mainly revolvers and pistols and very seldom are shotguns or caliber guns, and knives used. There is a direct increase in hijackings, and violent crimes and illegal or stolen firearms are a direct result of the increase.

Organized syndicates operating in South Africa buy vehicles from hijackers who resell the car in the country or smuggled into neighboring countries. Often these syndicates have international connections and operate the same way a drug baron does by using pushers. Bribery and corruption are not ruled out especially when protection is needed. Criminals are motivated by greed and the increase in unemployment force people into crime. Drugs is another factor and often cars are stolen to supplement the bad habits. Hijacking vehicles are easy money for the criminals.

There is a sharp increase in car hijackings due to the difficulty of stealing cars fitted with all the anti-theft devices. The criminals often armed with firearms will force the driver from the vehicle and disappear. Stealing a stationery car remains complicated and time-consuming, where the thief would have to be quick and risk the chance of being caught. Hijacking a car is the easiest crime to commit and the fastest way of earning money.

People have a responsibility to protect themselves in a dangerous situation. When an attack is unlawful, an individual may use a firearm for protection or take any other measures of defense. Instinct and swift action can save a life. As was the case when hijackers jumped onto a highway and attempted to hijack a motorist. The driver did not stop but ran down the perpetrators.

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Hijacking fail: hijacker gets hit by car

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