Hijacker stabbed woman with knife in her head

Hijacker stabbed woman with knife in her head

A young woman from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa had a narrow escape on Thursday June 11, 2015 when a suspected hijacker stabbed her with a knife in her head.

Leigh-Anne Du Plessis, an employee at Highway Action Sports Arena was at a liquor store about 13:00 in New Germany to buy stock for the company.
“A man from the liquor store helped me to get the stock in my car and I put my personal stuff on the passenger seat and got into the car. The next moment, the hijacker was next to me and ripped my door open.”

She said the man tried to jerk her out of the car with force, but she fought back fiercely.

“I kicked him and screamed as loud as I can. I felt that he hit me with something on the head, but at the time did not realize he had stabbed me with a knife on top of my head.”

Someone pulled the suspect from her and he tried to run away. A man who saw what happened, however, stopped the suspect with his car and bystanders managed to catch him and took him back to the scene. The police were informed and he was arrested at the scene.

Du Plessis was taken to a hospital in Hillcrest where she received stitches. “When he sat there while the police took my statement, I saw he had a cross around his neck. I asked him who he tried to fool. Does he think Jesus was going to save him if he keeps on doing the things that he is doing?”

Du Plessis said she realized her injuries could have been much worse. “I am happy he did not have a gun with him. In that moment, the adrenaline just kicked in and I fought back. I have not even thought about just surrendering my car to him. This is a brand new car and my first car I bought myself, so I was fighting with everything I had,” she said.

Du Plessis said she opened a case of attempted murder.

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