Helpful home security tips to remember

Security tips by Alpha Alarms.

Helpful home security tips to remember

Here are some security tips aimed to improve home security and safety in communities and South Africa.

Basic security tips for residents:

• Do not leave items lying around in full view of prowling suspects. Scrap metal theft is a common crime.

• Ensure doors, gates and windows are well secured and security system is armed when you leave your premises and close up for the night.

• Shrubbery around your property must be trimmed and maintained to avoid creating a shield for suspects.

• Address of property must be clearly visible to security service provider, police and emergency personnel when responding.

• Inform neighbours when you leave for holidays and provide your contact number.

• Refrain from leaving lights on day and night whilst you are away. Rather install a sensor system or engage the assistance of a family member or friend to switch lights on and off.

• Property must be well lit up to view lurking suspects.

• Educate helpers and others at home not to allow strangers on to the property or in the house even if they claim to be department officials. They must produce authentic identification which can be verified.

Security tips brought to you by Alpha Alarms.

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