Helen Zille’s position in the balance over colonialism tweets

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Helen Zille’s position in the balance over colonialism tweets
Helen Zille and Mmusi Maemane in happier days - Image - Die Vryburger

The DA politician and former reporter for the then anti-Afrikaner newspaper, the Rand Daily Mail, Helen Zille, is in trouble because she defended certain aspects of South African history.

She was charged over her comments on the social network Twitter, by her successor, Mmusi Maimane and despite her apology, she will appear before a disciplinary committee of the DA.

Zille said that not all aspects of colonialism were negative. “Those who believe the legacy of colonialism is only negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport infrastructure, water, and etc.” she said, adding”: Would we have had a transition to specialized health, services, and treatment without the influence of colonialism. Just be honest, please. ”

Her party leader, Maimane, said that her own comments cannot be justified in terms of DA policy. He said colonialism was the same as apartheid a system of oppression and subjugation. Other Alliance members are outraged over her comments.

Political observers point out that she was indeed wrong, as the colonial power, Britain, transferred the ruined country over to the Afrikaners, who were not colonialists, and it was the indigenous Afrikaners who built up the country and now Zille with her English attitude wants to attribute to colonialism.

Meanwhile, observers agree that the DA’s handling of the case once again shows how little difference there is between the sentiment and policy of the DA with those of the ANC.

Meanwhile, it is unclear what might happen to Zille, and the possibility that she may be recalled as premier of the Western Cape is not excluded.

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