Guptas may be involved in tax evasion

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Guptas may be involved in tax evasion
How State Capture Worked – A Summary

Amid increasing revelations about the Guptas’ involvement in state capture, and suspicions that they smuggled billions out of the country, it now appears that they might be guilty of tax evasion.

Meanwhile, their company, Oakbay, is selling many assets, apparently in an attempt to get money into their hands before it is raided. Their media interest has already been sold, and Oakbay has now sold its interests in Tegata.

A leak from the South African Revenue Service (SARS) states that the Gupta brothers claimed they each earned a salary of less than R1 million per year, for three consecutive years.

Immediate questions are raised about their R14 million Saxonwold palace, their other homes, private jets, and lavish lifestyle.

SARS is now being watched like a hawk to see whether they will continue investigating the case and whether it will happen in time before the Guptas have sold all their assets and leave the country.

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