Gupta sanctions: TLU SA congratulates USA, calls for further action


Gupta sanctions: TLU SA congratulates USA, calls for further action
Gupta sanctions: TLU SA congratulates USA, calls for further action. Photo: TLU SA

TLU SA wants to congratulate the United States of America (USA) for applying sanctions against the controversial and corrupt Gupta family. TLU SA further calls on the USA to implement the “unwavering commitment to supporting the rule of law and accountability in South Africa” consistently by taking a firm stand against the ANC government’s failure in maintaining law and order in the country.

The American treasury department announced sanctions against the Gupta family and their business partner, Salim Essa, because the family “leveraged its political connections to engage in widespread corruption and bribery, capture government contracts, and misappropriate state assets” to commit “suspicious transactions and state capture in South Africa”.

“We congratulate America with the firm stance against corruption,” says Mr Louis Meintjes, the president of TLU SA. “There are, however, various other corrupt government officials and policies which are a threat to law in order in the country, which the USA should also investigate.”

The proposed amendments to the constitution to implement land expropriation without compensation and the real corruption surrounding land redistribution are just a few of the actions which hold a severe threat to the economy at the cost of South Africans.

The USA praised civil society organisations and whistleblowers who exposed the extent of the Gupta family’s corruption.

“TLU SA will continue to canvas for support abroad to apply pressure on the government to not implement short sighted policies at the expense of the economy and our residents,” says Mr Meintjes.

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