Gun-shot victim’s statement taken weeks after incident

Gun-shot victim’s statement taken weeks after incident
Matthew Oosterloo (19), the gun-shot victim

South Africa, Welkom – It took the South African police four weeks after I was shot in my hip during a home invasion to come to me and take my statement.

“If they had come to me sooner I would have been able to give them at least one identikit. Now it is all very vague.”

Vista has now spoken to Matthew Oosterloo (19), the gun-shot victim.

What was to have been a fun evening with friends playing pool, chess and watching soccer together, turned into a nightmare for them and a close shave with death for one young Welkom boy.

Last week Vista reported about the incident in which seven youths were accosted by three armed men.

“I was playing pool and facing the lounge door when I saw a man with a gun enter. I moved away towards the kitchen and tried to gesture to the others about the man.

“Then I saw a second man in the kitchen. I lunged at him with the pool stick. It broke.

“That was when a third man came into the kitchen with a gun. He aimed it at me, looked away and then he pulled the trigger.

“At that moment I instinctively started turning away,” says Matthew.

“The bullet hit me and I went down. The man who was in the lounge with my friends rushed into the kitchen and then they all three ran away.

“Only when the perpetrators had gone, I stood up. I felt pain and I saw the blood. I realised that I had been shot.”…

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