Government lame about lion hunts

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Government lame about lion hunts
Dr. Gerhard Verdoorn - Image - Die Vryburger

The lame government has failed to control the canned lion industry over a quarter of a century.

The stinging attack comes from Dr. Gerhard Verdoorn, well-known in environmental conservation, once it became known that environmental minister Edna Molewa gave approval for the skeletons of 800 canned lions to be exported to the East every year.

Dr. Verdoorn accuses the department of renouncing South Africa’s nature and calls on people to boycott the facilities where lions are kept and bred for the canned hunting industry.

Audrey Delsink, executive director of HSI’s African office, said the department’s decision was scandalous as it was not only cruel to breeding lions but contrary to the international community’s attitude to wildlife bred in captivity.

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