Government aims to strip farmers of all their possessions

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After recently writing an article about in a Sunday newspaper, Dr. Frans Cronje of the Institute of Race Relations, reiterated to, that the government seeks to strip farmers of all their possessions.

In the interview, Dr. Cronje said nationalization of farms is in accordance with the ideology of the National Democratic Revolution, which is recognized by a number of senior ANC and government leaders as the real policy concept of the Government. In line with this concept, the Minister of Land Affairs and the president both declared this year that a law must be approved by the state will allow seizure of commercial farms without compensation. “I believe the president and the minister,” said Dr. Cronje. He warned farmers that they need to understand that ideologically driven policymakers have caused damage in areas ranging from mining to manufacturing. “Farmers must not think that their sector will be different.”

He said in most cases warnings are ignored. “The exception is from the TAU SA, which showed a particularly astute understanding of the policy intentions of the Government.” Most major agricultural players said that they were wrong and that the government does not want to nationalize the commercial farming sector and that the Constitution wont change anyway. I and my senior colleagues think most agricultural analysts are wrong about the intentions of the Government and wrong about the Constitution and are wrong to think that frank negotiations with the government will take place. The Government is stringing along the farmers.”

He says it is necessary to end the naivety and to tell farmers that everything will be alright. “Develop a more perceptive analysis of the Government’s intentions and accordingly inform farmers about the risks.”

“Farmers must not negotiate on how much of their land should be forfeited. Rather change the negotiation provisions for how a future can be ensured for commercial farmers. To discuss the surrender of one hectare is to open the door to losing everything,” warns Dr. Cronje.

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