How the ANC brainwashed the world to accept slaughter of SA farmers

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How the ANC brainwashed the world to accept slaughter of SA farmers
How the ANC brainwashed the world to accept slaughter of SA farmers

The more the ANC’s criminal nature, incompetence and large scale looting is revealed, the more the ANC needs to keep the narrative in place that all land was stolen by whites. This of course is to keep black majority support.

The ANC, supported by liberal media, is deliberately creating the notion that whites are evil thieves against who the black majority needs to be protected. This perception leads to a sort of justification amongst the black majority, the international community and even some whites who are naive that it is acceptable to murder and rob whites.

A target is in other words being painted on the white community and this has been happening for decades. As an example, it should be remembered how the ANC MP Duduzile Promise Manana shouted ” Bury them alive” in Parliament, referring to white farmers, when Dr Pieter Mulder of the FF Plus initiated a debate on farm murders in 2017.

This narrative – Cyril Ramaphosa is a good example of a man speaking in narratives and code – is being used by the ANC – and accepted by the international liberal world and liberal media – to justify the suppression of minority rights. Of course the Courts including the Constitutional Court are just an extension of the ANC ideology and it is after all the ANC that appoints the judges. The regular and constant attacks on whites also lead to the white minority – who are really the ones who should care most – being left numbed and starting to put their heads in the sand because they are unable to deal with it anymore.

Because the ANC is so good at twisting history, they own the narrative of the absolute evilness of apartheid and whites in general and that situation in turn seems to lead to a situation where the international community don’t seem to care about the large scale farm murders and general onslaught against the white minority.

The ANC narrative is strengthened in various ways, for instance school history books. Now that the ANC completely owns history and the narrative of the day, they felt safe to implement expropriation without compensation.

If the white minority and especially Afrikaners wants to reverse the trend of slow extermination of our ethnic group, we will have to do more to stand together in a true movement so that resources can be pooled to better represent us. In this regard it is important to remember that liberal media will always take the ANC side for financial reasons.

All the major mainstream media houses in South Africa were already captured by the ANC and black elites supporting them, so it will be vital for the white minority and also the coloured minority to support our own media platforms that gives our perspective and tells our stories.

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