Woman describes violent hijacking and a policeman’s heroism

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Woman describes violent hijacking and a policeman’s heroism
Woman describes violent hijacking and a policeman's heroism. Photo: SAPS

“He will always be my, my husband and my children’s hero. My two boys still have their father, I still have a husband and his parents still have their child, all because of Captain Maqabe.” These were the words of an overjoyed wife after her husband’s life had been saved by an off duty South African Police officer, Captain Maqabe, along the N12 highway.

Not every police officer will continue with their work while off duty, but Captain Maqabe did, and put himself on duty to help a victim who was bleeding, after he had been hijacked and stabbed several times. Captain Maqabe has been praised for his generosity and his courage to go beyond the call of duty, because such random acts of kindness and heroism often go unnoticed.

The wife of the victim explained the incident as follows:
“On Tuesday evening, my husband was hijacked on the N12 highway in the Daveyton area. He was brutally attacked and stabbed in the chest with a knife, and in his arms with a screwdriver. He fought off the attackers and managed to get out of their grip. He ran across the highway for help.

He stood bleeding without shoes or a shirt in the middle of the road in oncoming traffic, for a long time – NOBODY stopped! People were even swearing at him! But one person stopped – an off-duty policeman who had his family in the vehicle with him. Captain Sam Maqabe! He stopped and immediately assisted my husband, without any fear or prejudice.

I received a phone call at approximately 20:15 from Captain Maqabe’s number. He gave his phone to my husband to phone me and let me know he had been hurt but was ok, he was with a policeman, who was taking him to the hospital. He allowed my husband to be in constant contact with me, as I was driving from Witbank to be with him.

Captain Maqabe took my husband to Life Healthcare Parklands in Springs. Today, my husband is alive – not because the stab wound was not severe, or his other injuries were not serious, but because Captain Maqabe reacted swiftly and saved his life – literally!

Later that evening at about 21:00, the captain phoned me again to reassure me that my husband was in capable hands in the hospital, and he asked me the details of the vehicle that had been hijacked, so that he could have the details circulated to trace the vehicle. I thought I would not be surprised if this same act of selflessness resulted in the vehicle being found that same night!

The vehicle was recovered in Delmas and one of the four suspects was arrested. I was in awe of this captain, not being on duty, but still serving his country, his fellow South Africans, with so much pride! He was not even supposed to work, but he delivered a service and for that I will be eternally thankful!

My husband is only alive because of his heroic act, and I cannot thank him enough! He is a true policeman, who did the SAPS proud. You can truly be proud of him.

He will always be my, my husband and my children’s hero! My two boys still have their father, I still have a husband and his parents still have their child – all because of ONE person’s selflessness and bravery.” I close with this thought – Mother Teresa said: “Do things for people, not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are!” Captain Maqabe did exactly that.

Good policing or being a good police official, means preventing disorder and building relationships with people and communities so that problems can be addressed, not just with physical courage or force or with orders being shouted, but through communication, cooperation and by providing assistance, like Captain Maqabe did.

Captain Maqabe remains committed to helping the community he serves, in an operational or support capacity, as the community holds him in high regard and expects him to uphold the law. He embodies professionalism, integrity and impartiality. Working for the SAPS or having the SAPS badge on his chest, does not give him the right to disregard the rights of the citizens he serves.

Captain Maqabe, the SAPS is indeed very proud of you and encourage every policeman and policewoman to follow your sterling example to uphold the good name of the South African Police Service.

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