Sophiatown and Westbury protest action: Police protecting drug dealers?

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Sophiatown and Westbury protest action: Police protecting drug dealers?
Sophiatown and Westbury protest action: Police protecting drug dealers?

Gauteng police working closely with Community Police Forum and organisers to bring stability back to Westbury and Sophiatown

Sophiatown: The management of police in Gauteng, led by the Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Deliwe de Lange, has this afternoon, 1 October 2018, joined hands with the leadership of the Community Police Forum and organisers of the protest march in Westbury and Sophiatown, in an attempt to address the concerns of the community and restore stability.

This comes after a shooting incident on Thursday 27 September 2018 where a woman and a child were injured, followed by protest action by the community this morning.

Police have since the shooting incident been maintaining a high visibility in the area to maintain law and order. Four suspects were arrested this morning for public violence.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Commissioner has thanked the community who have come forward with information that has led to the arrest of two suspected drug dealers. More arrests can be expected as the multi disciplinary Task Team established by the Provincial Commissioner continues with the intelligence led investigations.

In response to the community’s allegations of police corruption and involvement in the protection of drug dealers, Lieutenant General De Lange has sanctioned an urgent internal investigation to investigate these allegations. Three members from Sophiatown police station have subsequently been moved to different environments as a precautionary measure, pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

All dockets relating to especially drug cases have also been escalated to be Provincial Investigation Unit with immediate effect.

“We want to encourage the community to exercise with responsibility their right to protest and consideration for non protesters. They must demonstrate and express their concerns within the confines of the law,” said the Commissioner. “Let us all join hands and work together to rid this community of crime and bring back stability.”

Communities must continue to report crime to the police by calling the crime stop number 08600 10111.

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