Sixteen prisoners escape, corrupt guards involved?

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Sixteen prisoners escape, corrupt guards involved?
Sixteen prisoners escape, corrupt guards involved?Photo: Die Vryburger

Sixteen prisoners have escaped from a Johannesburg jail. The 16 escaped from the medium B section of the jail by breaking down the bars in front of the window and then breaking through a wall.

The facility, known as the Sun City jail, housed the 16 awaiting trial prisoners. Seven of the escaped prison were awaiting trial for murder, three for rape, five for robbery and one for burglary.

Fifteen of the prisoners are therefore dangerous criminals but are only being detained in a medium facility.

However, this is not the first time that escapes have taken place out of the prison and questions are asked about the competence of officials as well as the facility’s security measures.

The possibility that corrupt guards helped the escapees has already been acknowledged by prison authorities.

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