Shocking Gauteng crime statistics – ‘Police have lost the fight against crime’

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Shocking Gauteng crime statistics – ‘Police have lost the fight against crime’
Shocking Gauteng crime statistics - 'Police have lost the fight against crime'

Gauteng’s latest crime statistics for October to December last year make it abundantly clear that the police have lost the fight against crime in the province.

During the period, 1 721 people were murdered in Gauteng, an increase of 9,6% in comparison to the previous three months.

In one incident, seven people were shot and killed when a gang tried to rob street vendors selling chicken feet. The vendors fought back and threw stones at the gang. The gang got in a vehicle and sped off, only to return later on foot to shoot and kill the vendors and bystanders.

Six decomposed bodies were also found at a panel beater in Johannesburg. The police are investigating a case of human trafficking.

Thirteen police members were murdered, five of which were on duty and eight while off duty.

Contact crimes (committed against persons) increased by 8,3% to 50 039. In the second quarter, 46 221 cases were reported.

The FF Plus is also seriously concerned about the rise in livestock theft, of which 337 cases were reported.

Most incidents were reported in the Bronkhorstspruit (Pretoria area) and Fochville (West Rand).

Livestock theft could lead to threats between farmers and thieves, which could, in turn, possibly result in farm attacks.

Trio crimes also climbed with 27 transit heists and 307 truck jackings.

In 102 cases, people took the law into their own hands, which proves that they no longer trust the police to solve crimes.

Unemployment took a toll on shoplifting, which increased with more than 28%. A total of 3 984 incidents of shoplifting were reported in just three months.

Gauteng has the fastest climbing crime rate in the country and is clearly an unsafe province to reside in – it makes up 27% of the country’s crime.

The FF Plus will pose questions to the Gauteng Police Commissioner, Lt. Gen. Elias Mawela, to determine whether any decisive steps will be taken to address these shocking crime figures.

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