Professionals roped in to assist in the Bree street probe

Professionals roped in to assist in the Bree street probe

Following the explosion at Bree Street in Johannesburg on Wednesday, Public Works and Infrastructure Minister Sihle Zikalala has called on teams of professionals in the built sector to stand ready to support initiatives led by the Gauteng Premier and City of Johannesburg leadership.

These are the Council for the Built Environment, a DPWI entity to mobilise the sector, professionals, engineers, geologists and other specialists.

Minister Zikalala is the custodian of the built environment.

According to the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure, the mobilisation of the professionals is aimed at restoring normalcy, protecting the public and rebuilding of Infrastructure.

Eyewitnesses and people living near the explosion site have reported a strong smell of gas lingering in the air, long after the explosion.

One person was killed, and 41 others injured in a blast during rush hour that overturned vehicles and destroyed sections of Bree Street and Rissik Street.

Most streets have been cordoned off due to the effects of the blast. –