Home invaders brutally slaughter Sandown woman

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Home invaders brutally slaughter Sandown woman. Photo: Facebook
Home invaders brutally slaughter Sandown woman. Photo: Facebook

Dr Mirah Wilks was brutally stabbed to death in her home in Sandown, Johannesburg on Sunday evening, 6 October 2019, by home invaders who gained entry through the roof. Her husband who was at church discovered her body upon his return. All that was missing was two laptops and a cellphone. She was stabbed at least a dozen times and had her throat slit.

Wilks was a well known trauma counsellor and well known in psychology circles. Wilks was also a former art teacher at the King David High School in Victory Park.                        

Commentary : Each and every day there are murders in South Africa, that is true. Liberals will say that there are murders in all communities and that is also true. But what they don’t say is that white people don’t go out on a daily basis and go and attack, kill, rape and maim other races in their homes. The black majority is doing that to the white minority. Not the other way around.

A slow genocide is where one race group is slowly killing off another race group that is in the minority. This is happening and can also be described as a slow war. The hate speech against whites in South Africa, the discriminating laws against whites and the double standards against whites by State institutions, including the so called Courts, are more evidence of a slow genocide against the South African white minority.

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