Gupta’s wings may be clipped?

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Gupta’s wings may be clipped?
Gupta's wings may be clipped? - Image - Die vryburger

The infamous Indian family may have to fly with SAA if they do not pay the arrears on their private jet, known as ZS-OAK.

A Canadian government export agency (EDC) has started legal action against the Guptas because they do not pay their installments. According to reports, the outstanding debt on the jet is currently $28.3 million, and their payment is $ 1.4 million.

The jet was banned Lanseria in November for 48 hours from flying. An unknown bank issued a guarantee after which EDC gave permission that the jet could be used again.

Inquiry from EDC confirmed that the financing agreement was canceled and according to reports the Guptas tried to seize the jet and pay off the outstanding debt.

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