Grade 2 girl raped by grade 7’s

Die Vryburger

Grade 2 girl raped by grade 7's - Image - Die Vryburger

Three grade seven pupils allegedly raped a Grade 2 girl at a primary school in Randburg. The incident occurred on school grounds.

The police and the department of education confirmed the incident, but the names, and even more importantly, the ages of the boys were not stated.

Prof. Elda de Waal of Potchefstroom University said research shows that Grade 7 boys are increasingly experimenting with younger children, and the problem is that many grade 7 children are no longer 12 or 13 years old, but often much older.

Educators point out that this is the result of the integrated education system where different cultures with different values are mixed together in the same school. “Parents must realize that they have to be accountable for their undecided decision to place their children in a school where they are exposed to children who come from a different cultural background and that have different values and norms than those of mainly the Afrikaner,” was one expert’s comment on Die Vryburger.

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