Farm attack – Woman stabbed, tortured with electric drill

SA Rural Security

Woman stabbed in the stomach by farm attackers

On Friday, March 10, around 12H00, Nicci Simpson (60) was attacked at the gate of her farm situated in Kalbasfontein, Vanderbijlpark.

Three suspects assaulted her at the gate after they had shot her dogs. The suspects stabbed her and then dragged her back into the house, tortured her with an electric drill. Simpson sustained serious injuries to her feet, knees, and hands, and several ribs were broken.

The suspects fled with her vehicle, a firearm, and a mobile phone.

The police and community security were alerted around 17H30 and responded to the incident.

Simpson’s vehicle was found abandoned 300m from her home.

The police are investigating the incident.

South Africa Today – South Africa News

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  • Richard Uys

    These cowardly scum bags, and the cops are “investigating” seriously, if they really care there will be a missive man hunt to find these savages. But alas nothing on the news about it. Seen as an every day event. All this so called government can think about is taking white people out of the economy and taking farms.

  • Avner Eliyahu Romm

    And not only is the world silent, it is too busy debating… whether Israel is an apartheid state or not:

    • Tertius Fourie

      You are so correct, the world don’t care, and they don’t worry about Israel aswell. So start making plans for yourself to immigrate to a saver place

      • Avner Eliyahu Romm

        I know that the world doesn’t care about Israel and Palestinians either. I don’t run away from places I am familiar with though, unless there is proper work and a proper job for me elsewhere.

  • Green Classified

    Yup almost never a word further about where these cases end up. Again & it can’t be more obvious: ANC encouraged CAMPAIGN to intimidate, dehumanize, mutilate, torture, disarm & eradicate white land owners. Political asylum should be granted. I realize that the ANC savages will ultimately get their way but rather that, than let these people suffer like this. For god’s sake. It was never suppose to be a war so you are not defeated. Remember that. ANC’s puppets & their children will continue to live in misery because of their thieving self gratifying leaders, that is your consolation.

    • Bzzzz

      I have seen first-hand in Cape Town how groups of black people have been training for violence in public places. Such as Signal Hill, Constantia Nek, Muizenburg.

      There are literally groups who are being trained and instructed by a sort of “commander”

  • Doesnt_Matter

    This will never end and only intensify. We were separated for a reason.


    Not her first experience with these savages

    “Neighbour Nicci Simpson said she was not
    satisfied with the SAPS’ handling of the investigation. However Jannie
    said he felt that the police did a good job.

    Simpson said whether one phones the SAPS in Fochville, in Westonaria or
    Orange Farm while you’re under attack, ‘they almost never show up. But
    they all show up enmasse after somebody has already been murdered.
    Read more at http://www.censorbugbear.or…”

  • Bzzzz

    I’m really more a fan of finding the criminals that do this, strapping them to a table in the middle of their neighbourhood and having an automated robot slice them into 1mm pieces of ham from the feet up.

    I’m pretty sure that levels of violent crime will very quickly drop after the first 2 or 3 of those public displays.