EFF’s involvement in land invasions must be investigated

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EFF’s involvement in land invasions must be investigated
EFF’s involvement in land invasions must be investigated

The EFF’s involvement in recent attempts to invade and occupy land in Gauteng must be investigated.

On Saturday morning, nearly 1500 people tried to occupy land in two separate incidents, first at the University of Witwatersrand near Marlboro way in Johannesburg and later also at the luxurious Waterfall Estate in Midrand.

The SAPS arrested five people for malicious injury to property and was able to stop the crowd of illegal occupants in both cases after the landowners obtained court orders.

Many people dressed in EFF apparel played prominent roles in the goings-on during both the incidents. The leader of the EFF, Julius Malema, has stated on record numerous times during public events that people should identify the land of their choice and occupy it.

Should the attempts at illegal land occupation be a direct consequence of Malema’s statements, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) must investigate the matter and call the EFF to account.

The ethical code of conduct that registered political parties in South Africa must comply with clearly prohibits language use and actions that may lead to violence and the violation of the country’s laws.

The FF Plus leadership will investigate the matter further and will ensure that the necessary steps are taken to prevent similar occurrences.

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