Couple attacked on smallholding, man fatally shot

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Couple attacked on smallholding, man fatally shot
Eva and Henry Kirsten. Photo: Facebook

On Thursday, March 2, around 21H19, a gang of seven suspects attacked a couple residing on a Mooiplaats smallholding, situated in Boschkop, Tshwane municipality. Guards, a 3m high wall, electric fence, CCTV camera system, and alarms protect the smallholding, yet this did not stop the suspects from carrying out another brutal attack on innocent people.

Five-armed suspect’s overpowered two security guards near the fence hit them over their head with a gun and tied them up.

Two suspects guarded the outside of the house while the other five went inside. The suspects proceeded toward the lounge and shot Henry Kirsten in the upper chest then tied him up. The suspects then grabbed Eva Kirsten and demanded that she tell them where the safe was. The suspects also wanted to know where their teenage son was. Apparently, their son was not at home during the attack.

The suspects fled with a firearm, mobile phones, a flashlight, and a lot of American dollars. The suspects fled on foot in the dark.

The police and community security responded swiftly to the incident. It is with regret that Henry died on the scene.

The investigation and search for the suspects continues.

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