Council vehicles transport tires for protest

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Council vehicles transport tires for protest
FF Plus condemns the ANC and EFF for their outrageous actions and hate speech

Last week’s protests and violence at High School Overvaal in Vereniging as well as the public hate speech of rioters were condemned by FF Plus.

Mr. Kobus Hoffman, FF Plus councilor for Sedibeng, said that protest action had taken place without the required authority of the police and city council, it was unnerving that councilors and municipal officials participated in it.

He said that the shocking information was that Sedibeng council vehicles were used to drive tires that were to be burned at the scene.

“The FF Plus wishes to thank parents and organizations that helped keep children safe. We also want to thank the police for their great actions and the debriefing of the explosive situation.

“However, the FF Plus condemns the ANC and EFF for their outrageous actions and hate speech, incitement of violence and intimidation. This action is extremely irresponsible and violates the Constitution.

“It is unnerving how blatant and immature the DA, ANC and EFF statements against the High School are, despite the High Court’s verdict on the matter and the statutory rights of the school.

“The FF Plus condemns the misconception of mother tongue education by these parties – they exploit this situation opportunisticly by making populist statements and recruiting votes. It is not about the retention of education for anyone, but about the maintenance of Afrikaans as a language of education at Overvaal High School.

“According to the court ruling there are English schools in the area where the 55 learners involved are accommodated and taught in English,” said Hoffman.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that only 55 of the children really wanted to enroll at Overvaal. The rest is apparently stifled to make a political statement.

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