Baby injured in smash and grab incident

CICA South Africa

Baby injured in smash and grab incident
Baby injured in smash and grab in Johannesburg. Photo CICA.

A baby was injured in a smash and grab incident in Glenanda, Johannesburg South. The baby was in the back seat when the suspects threw a brick or a rock at the window, causing injuries to the small infant.

Smash and grab occurrences happen daily in South Africa, are unforeseen incidents and a crime that is on the rise. Smash and grab incidents have a distinctive characteristic element of speed and surprise. The opportunist will smash through the car window while the car is stationary at a traffic light or stuck in slow moving traffic. The sudden attack will cause a moment of silent paralysis for the motorist, and this will give them enough time to grab something of value, before making a quick getaway.

The criminals behind this nasty crime have no consideration toward the people in the vehicle and not concerned about injuries.

Smash and grab crimes is considered a petty crime, but the trauma suffered by the owner of the vehicle and passengers is often overwhelming. Criminals have no consideration, and none is expected, mostly they are inconsiderate thugs.

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