Attempted child snatching at red robot in Germiston

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Attempted child snatching at red robot in Germiston
Attempted child snatching at red robot in Germiston

It has happened again that “our people” have come to steal a white child. It is not the first attempt and it won’t be the last. Parents please be extremely aware of your surroundings from now on. Only you can protect your child from being snatched. The latest incident happened on Thursday afternoon 17 September, 2020 around 13:15 at a robot intersection in Main Reef road, Germiston.

Natalie van Coppenhagen said that her 3 year old daughter Lexi was almost snatched through the half open window where she was sitting on the backseat. Natalie says that if her husband Jean-Pierre did not pull away so fast, the child snatcher could have succeeded and ran away with the child.

She said the incident happened when they waited at a red robot. The black man just put his arms and head through the available opening of the window and grabbed Lexi by the arms and tried to pull her out. Natalie says she then grabbed Lexi by the legs to keep her inside the car. She says she thought she would rather take the chance of hurting Lexi’s legs than lose the child completely.

Natalie says it is not the first time that such an incident happened at that specific robot.

Natalie says after her husband drove away, he did return to see if the attacker was still there. He did point out the suspect to the neighbourhood watch but it is unclear if the man was arrested or not.

Natalie says she and her husband are involved with the NGO Touch of Hope which fights people trafficking and will now redouble her efforts to raise public awareness in this regard.

So should we all.

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