Attackers open fire on mom and 3 teenagers, wound 1, Chartwell

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Attackers open fire on mom and 3 teenagers, wound 1, Chartwell
Attackers open fire on mom and three teenagers, wound one, Chartwell

On Friday evening 22 March 2019, in Chartwell agricultural holdings, Gauteng, just after 20:06 the power went off due to load shedding. Three young boys aged 13, 15 and 18 years old were watching TV inside the cottage. When the power went out they decided to walk about 10 meters to another cottage (where one of the boys stay) on the property.

As the three reached the outside of the cottage, two armed and aggressive suspects appeared in the dark and opened fire at the three boys. The 18 year old was struck in the upper body. The three turned around and ran back to the cottage while the suspects fired more shots at them!

The mother of one of the boys came running out and the suspects also fired in her direction. The kids ran to the main house through a small gate and the mother back to the house. They fired a shot through the glass door leading into the house.

The suspects ran directly to the room where the boys watched TV and ripped the flat screen from the wall bracket. They also took gaming consoles, games as well as other valuables and fled. Before they fled they also shot into the wall above the bed.

The owner of the property kept her cool and loaded the 18 year old into her car and drove him to hospital where he was stabilised. We are extremely grateful that the round did not damage any vital organs and went in and out! He was discharged the next day.

Drift Reaction cc OPS Manager Theuns and Terry-Ann visited the client and her tenants yesterday and the tenants were still in severe shock. It seems the suspects had been watching the cottage for quite some time and were also aware of the load shedding schedule for the area! We are grateful that the other two children and the mother were not hit by the gun blazing rubbish.

This is the second attack during the past week in this area. Please be extremely vigilant even now load shedding has stopped (we do not know how long this will last). Please do not walk around in the dark at night.

The 18 year old should make a full recovery however the boys and mother are severely traumatised.

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